Monday, March 24, 2014

El Nino Could Strike Back Soon

When you look at the past several years, rain has been very hard to come by. In fact, I have personally been appalled by the lack of precipitation. Not only has this had an effect on our community here in the Brazos Valley, but throughout the entire state. Lakes are looking like creators, streams are flowing slowly, and crops are not as bountiful. However, I do have potentially great news for us in the long term. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is monitoring the ocean temperatures around the equator in the Pacific Ocean. Signals suggest that by the summer, a new El Niño could emerge. El Niño is not a storm by any means, but rather a warming of the waters in the eastern Pacific around the equator. Despite this simple sounding phenomenon, it has reaching affects around the entire globe, including us here in Texas.

Signs of an El Niño include a rise in pressure over Indonesia and trade winds in the south Pacific slowing down or moving towards the east. In turn, this allows warmer water at the surface to flow towards South America. As the water warms, there will be more moisture and heat energy in the atmosphere to enhance the formation of rainfall.

As of the current forecast, the trade winds are expected to have a very strong component towards the east, rushing in very warm water. Due to this theory, water temperatures could rise between 7-10 degrees above average, which would be compared to one of the strongest El Niño’s on record (1997-1998). If this actually shapes up, we are in for a great pattern that favors more rain by autumn.

Just know that this is not 100% guaranteed, but if this El Niño happens to emerge, it could be strong and provide a huge benefit to all of us.

Take a look up once in a while; you never know what you’ll miss.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Little More Haze In The Sky

You might have seen a slight brown shading to the sky. Your eyes are not playing a trick from you, its actually dust from the storm that blew through west Texas on Tuesday. As the dust approaches the Brazos Valley, it remained suspended in the sky. Most of the dust will stay above the ground, with little, if any at the surface. If you have respiratory problems, make sure to take it easy until Friday morning, when the dust completely clears us.

On another note, high pressure will move in and keep the tranquil weather in tact for the rest of the work week. By the weekend, more moisture combine with additional energy will help to produce rain showers. At the moment, the timing of any showers should be from Saturday evening until Monday afternoon. The timing can change, and I will keep you updated. Use this as a heads up.

Tonight: A mostly clear sky with some haze, cool. Low: 45°
Thursday: Mostly sunny with some haze, pleasant. High: 73°
Thursday Night: A few more clouds in the sky, still a little hazy, not as cool. Low: 54°
Friday: The haze should move out and a mostly cloudy sky developing, breezy too. High: 76° 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weather Update 3-12-14

What a wild, windy afternoon. Gusts across the entire Brazos Valley peaked over 40mph at times. As the evening wares on, high pressure will move in and relax the wind. In fact, high pressure will have firm control on Thursday and Friday. Therefore, expect more sunshine, and as the high progresses to the east, a south flow will develop, allowing the temperatures to rebound too.

Looking ahead, clouds and even rain should return for the weekend. Adjustments in the weekend forecast will be made, and KAGS-HD Weather will keep you informed. Use this information as a heads up at this time.

Tonight: Clear, calmer, and chilly. Low 37°

Thursday: Sunny and pleasant, a south breeze develops. High: 67°

Thursday Night: Clear, a bit breezy, and cool. Low: 45°

Friday: Partly cloudy, milder, and breezy. High: 69°